Question on Scouts vs. American Heritage Girls/Trail Life


I’ve noticed something recently.

It used to be that nearly every big Catholic parish had a Boy Scout and Girl Scout troop.

That appears to be changing though.

I’ve noticed several parishes have moved to American Heritage Girls and Trail Life, presumably for religious/moral reasons.

Any thoughts?

Religious viewpoints aside…how do the programs differ?

Aren’t they both basically uniformed outdoor adventure for kids?

Yes they are basically a more churchy and conservative Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts. Probably with fewer fundraisers as I think the groups are directly church sponsored.

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Other than religion…are the outdoor adventure programs otherwise about the same?

Yeah seems that way to me on a quick overview.

ENTIRELY for religious/moral reasons. Both have ceded the moral authority they once enjoyed to join the politically-correct crowd. I used to be a merit badge counselor, holding 100 blue cards in assisting boys on their way to Eagle Scout. I no longer participate.

Is this because the Boy Scouts are letting gays in?

My parish still has a strong scout program.

I’ve seen parishes drop 'em in favor of the others, as I’ve said.

I mean that’s probably a big one. If line to think they’ve been struggling because of the years of covering up abuse scandal but we also know most churches don’t see that as issue you know to avoid looking in the mirror and all.

Here’s an example.

Though I am not a parishioner there, my favorite Catholic Church in Houston is Our Lady of Walsingham.

They’ve moved to the new “scouting” organizations.

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1st, Leave the Catholic church like many have.

great alternative to the boy scouts.

Given that that is associated with the Assemblies of God (which produced Jim and Tammy Baker, and Jimmy Swaggart), I am pretty sure that they won’t have broad appeal.

Human beings make mistakes. What is going on in the Catholic Church seems ongoing.

I doubt this group will have much appeal outside the Assemblies of God.

Maybe not. I did royal rangers as a kid. Not for long though. Camping etc is not something I’ve ever enjoyed. It’s a good group though if your kids are into that kind of stuff.

I think I’d steer them towards Heritage Girls or Trail Life, both of which have FAR BROADER denominational appeal, IF parents are looking for a Christian based outdoor adventure program.

I did just notice that one Catholic Parish in Katy still has regular scouting.

But it’s getting rarer at Catholic parishes these days.

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Just looked at their mission statement. Sounds good. Mission statement sounds excellent. Royal Rangers were the only one I knew about. Didn’t know there were boy scout alternatives.

I was a Royal Ambassador growing up. It was just Boy Scouts for baptists and we met on Sunday evenings.

I attend Mass there once every other month to join the Catholic Writers Guild. I love that parish. The Heritage Girls also have a chapter at my parish, Holy Rosary.


The Catholic Church in the USA isn’t shrinking @pepperseed, contrary to popular belief.

See here.

Ironically, there are now more Catholics than Southern Baptists in Virginia.