Question on Scouts vs. American Heritage Girls/Trail Life

What about the idea of all-male and all-female troops as in the parish example I posted?

I have no issue with it. In fact i encourage it.

Do you though? Or has the separation all these years simply been adding, intentionally or not, to the idea that women are inferior and allowing boys to grow up into young men with less opinion of women?


There are all-female organizations and all-female schools though.

As I said, I am guessing that the Girl Scouts are pissed about this because this coed move by BSA likely cost them some business.

No one said that. I do believe women have their own roles and men have their own roles. Men should protectors of women. Boys with boys has nothing to do with women. It’s more about how to be a boy and later a man. Women cannot do that or teach it. In fact because of the push for women’s equality has harmed masculinity and our society as a whole. Further more, men now more than ever abuse and kill women at an alarming rate. Plus, men are self destructing.

I’m not sure whether to believe anything I hear on FoxNews. I need to hear this from a source other than FoxNews, OAN, newsmax, Breitbart, the Washington Times, or the NY Post.

But if it is true, then yeah, I agree that this is not the type of exhibit that a Catholic parish should be hosting.

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That’s a little bit better source.

Friendly advice: don’t use Fox, OAN, newsmax, Breitbart, the Washington Times, or the NYPost as sources.

People will automatically greet them with skepticism.

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“The church should not be promoting this. I understand there are transgender people. I pray for all people but enough is enough,” the parishioner said.

Or don’t even read them.

I got it.

Now, how about starting a new string on this?

Doesn’t have much to do with the subject matter of THIS string.

Well, you said you didn’t trust the source. So just posting more. Originally saw it on Breitbart but I figured libs would cry so used FOX.

This thread when off the rails long ago lol like most do

Liberals and moderates would cry foul about Fox as well.

The Catholic sources are where you should have started.

In fact, it HAS been addressed. A LOT. Child abuse is spread out among all denominations, not to mention professions. Most teacher inservice is nonsense on stilts, but I always sat at attention for the presentations about protecting children and our responsibilities.

But I suspect this was just a strap for you to hang on. What you really want to know is why faithful Catholics don’t believe the same stuff as you, whatever that may be.

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I have been basically mentally out of commission with the virus for the last two weeks got it at my state union convention, a super spreader event.

It looks like I made it through or maybe not.

I am deeply troubled by the whole scouting situation and that has nothing to do with Conservatives or Liberals.

The whole concept of scouting was to teach boys to be men, American men. Not Christian-Americans, or Jewish-Americans or anything else.

It was the true melting pot.

I was in a troop sponsored by Lutherans, a board (troop committee is the official term) that was at least 80% Catholic, with a Jewish Scoutmaster and Assistants.

Girls in separate troops, although bothered me for a while, I now realize they are saving the whole organization.

The Boy Scouts of America was on the brink, both financially and otherwise. Hundreds of area councils have been combined over the last thirty years. Thousands of acres of land have been sold.

My home council GNYC sold about 10,000 acres of camp ground to pay their portion of the settlement in the sex cases.

The whole situation is sad because national leadership has been asleep for decades.


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Tru dat.

IDK about that but at least they got this one