Question on Scouts vs. American Heritage Girls/Trail Life


Is the writer’s group you mentioned the Chesterton society?

I saw a mention of that in a OLOW church bulletin.

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No. But now I want to join that group!

Which part of what I said, or is this a general confession? The Church makes allowances for that, too.

What type of group are you in?

I sit with the Catholic Writers Guild once a month or so. They meet at 1:30 twice a month, once in one of the meeting rooms and once at a restaurant nearby. The location varies for the restaurant.

I see. Sounds interesting. What sorts of writers are represented?

Oh, all types. Several have published works, although you won’t see their names on the NYT list. One does fantasy/gaming, another poetry, fiction . . . The leader just put out a work about marriage, having interviewed and profiled elderly couples talking about what works for them.

Me, I do light ephemera, book/movie reviews. Stuff you can fit on a single page with 11-point Verdana font. Anything longer and MY eyes glaze over. I post this stuff on my blog.

Sounds cool.

Shoot me a link to your blog on PM if you don’t mind. Thanks!

LOL that you guys even engage in conversation with the junk obsessed poster in this thread. Kudos to ignoring most of his garbage.