Would a Final Four run put this bad taste from the 2018 Football Team behind us???

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I would be able to hold my head up high as a graduate of UH. But the Football embarrassment would linger as we move into spring ball and summer. I am going to have to consider, very carefully, whether I renew my season tickets or just buy single game tickets once I see the product. It’s too much money for me to lay down on a bad product. I’ll still watch from home and be in wait and see mode.

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I’ve always held my head high as a graduate of UH and what our team does or doesn’t do in football doesn’t change that. Heck, I’ve been through 0-11 seasons, a bad bowl loss with a decimated team in an 8-5 season doesn’t even compareto the Dimmel years.

Oh. and back to the original question, a final four run would do wonders for everyone’s morale.


Failure is contagious. This is the kind of embarrassment (cuties eww) that spreads and chokes everything around it. My fear is that the dissarray in the football,program infects our successful basketball program too.

This is why am convinced more than ever that CMA needs to go. He embarrassed us.

Always proud to be a Coog. Had many worse years that this one in my lifetime. True we’ll ever be!


Can’t wait for another run in Baseball also

Well the departures have started.

Of course that a promotion money-wise, or he wouldn’t be leaving…right?

How exactly would a bad football loss impact the basketball program? I know we are all being irrational after this loss but let’s not put any bad juju on our successful basketball program.


Accept my apologies and ablutions, that is not my intent.

Duke football built the success of basketball there, right? LMAO

Oh boy…that’s a biggy !!

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NO! not for people who care much more about FB than BB…

I care for them both, equally…

Without a doubt, it would for me.

We’re getting into the good time of year for Cougar sports. Basketball looks great, swimming is ranked, T&F just got a #3 ranking for indoor and picks up after the new year, baseball and softball have momentum after last year’s tourney runs and are about to start again.


The rats are jumping off the ship quickly

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Enough with that positivity on the football board, Patrick. You should know better.

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Thanks for pointing out How well our other sports programs are performing. That combined with academics is the reason today will end up being a small bump in our university’s rise to the top!!!