I have a question for one of you guys who are smarter than me (that includes almost everybody!). How in heck do they do that light show, when they lower the lights, and then do the show on the court? Two things drive me nuts - there seems to be no source for the light show, and it fills up the entire court, but does not go even one inch beyond it. How do they do that?


New technology lol.

Sampson’s jeddi lightshow mind tricks.


It has something with the design of the court, I believe.

The court is actually a giant tv.


You also hopefully knew you were going to get bunch of smart a… answers! :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember these kind of questions back in the day being centered around I Am The Walrus.

Paul is the walrus…


Is Paul dead? He is barefoot.

coo coo ca choo, coo coo ca choo

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Yes, I expected that - but the link provided by genxcoog was worth it! Now that I know how it’s done, just can’t figure out how we can afford it. Uncle Tilman strikes again, I suppose.

I’m sure it was part of the cost of the FC.

He was working that bald ref with those for sure. I got a kick out of him going two steps out onto the court tearing into the ref while the ball is already in play.