Quotes from BoR Meeting on Athletics

On the schedule:

“We can release it in the next week or two” - Pez

“The fans need to realize, and this is where regents need to be supportive of, it is not going to be easy. It takes a few years to build up recruiting in this confernece. We are dealing with a different caliber of athlete in the Big 12. The Big 12 exceeds in so many different sports. Even you know throughout the football season, you have fix and six teams out of your top 25 in the Big 12. It’s amazing, there’s no weak sister, even the SEC has weak sisters. Our worst teams are Iowa State and who? Even, Kansas! That’s what’s unusual about the Big 12. Is that nobody is weak, in almost every sport. In the major sports, right Chris?” - Tilman

Tilman also mentions “You can’t look at other stadiums then price tickets. We have 40k for Football and 7.1k for basketball. Other places have 20, 30 thousand extra seats”

Chris Pezman when asked about the small arena, and the percent of sold out tickets. How many tickets do visiting teams get?

“Big 12 rules, 50 tickets per visiting team” - Chris

“You’re going to see our fans take our tickets and sell them to Texas fans, Baylor fans, and Tech fans” - Tilman. “You’re going to be confused about it when you watch stuff on TV.”

“It isn’t going to be like what it is today”

Pezman when there are corporate branding opportunities with the Big 12 and city of Houston, corporate community, and something of value to put their brand on that will get more media and fan attention than UH in the AAC.

“Our sponsor opportunities are significant. We’ve got someone who is working on pure corporate film, drop, and giving, and in six months he’s done five deals that are all seven figures. Energy company, some others that we’ll talk about later that are signifcant and never open to us or considered in the past. To that same point, we can be sure that we maximize a bunch of opportunities. Shed some light and have opportunitiy for upsides. As we look at facility naming rights, those are active convsersations that we are having. We’re not ready to announce it yet since we aren’t that far along, but it’s happening. NIL is a whole new world, because of basketball. The NIL money coming in are using our student athletes to market their companies, and those people aren’t affiliated with UH. We got more work to do. We have to improve stuff significantly. We can’t participate in it.” - Pez


I wonder, who could possibly be the weak sister in the Big 12 next year…?


That’s a good thing that we don’t know

We have the most balanced conference now that WVU has a team in proximity

UCF / BYU are islands but they be fine

lol T-Moar is saying that it’s gonna be us.


I get it. Once recruiting improves THEN coaching improves.


Oh my goodness, the excuses are coming from the BOR, too. Why would anyone support this cronyism and trying to lie to the public.

Based on attendance, most aren’t supporting it.


The recruiting and results will improve eventually, for a very obvious reason.


Who said “its not the x and o, its the Jimmy and Joes”? They were right


Next year could be very interesting in a bad way. Who could we beat in the Big 12 if we played them this year?

Nobody. Maybe Iowa State.


We all understand that recruiting is going to have to improve if we are going to perform at a similar W/L level as the last 2 years. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t, as a program, look at trends and past performance to project into the future and ‘cut our losses’ before significant damage is incurred. That’s what leadership is. Anybody can look at 5 of 6 disappointing seasons (if Holgy is given 2 Big 12 years and he can’t give us reasonable success in the Big 12) and say “yeah that’s not really good enough, time to move on”. Why are we paying leadership top $ and giving billionaires the keys to the kingdom if they can’t make a tough call that is for the best for UH? To stroke their egos or not upset their buddies? All I gotta say is I expect Holgy to be here next year and we better be bowl eligible or close with few to no embarrassing losses. If he can’t do that then he has to go no ifs ands buts or excuses from the Billionaire, Pezman or Wonder Woman.


I dont know what the stadium comment was supposed to mean. Does it mean we are going to have to raise ticket prices past the other Big 12 schools to level the revenue difference?

If so, I would hope our leadership goes back in time to the late 70’s when we instituted a seat license fee, we never recovered from that.


Sweet. Now we all know long to wait before showing up again


So more excuses. Great.


The B12 is full of weak sisters and has been since it was known as Oklahoma and the 7 dwarfs.

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Wow - talking about weak sauce and a cry baby fan base. Welcome to UH.

Of course, the much larger and more $upportive fan bases at Big12 programs like UT & OU & OSU & TCU & Baylor & Tech & Kansas State and even at Cincinnati & BYU & UCF … all feel similarly “entitled” to a 10+ win season. The only problem is that it is virtually impossible for all of the Big12 teams to co-exist at that level. Simple math says the Big12 teams will average around 6 to 8 wins per year.

And so what on earth would allow any “fan” to think (or dream) that UH with our small stadium, sub-standard facilities, a minimal NIL program and the absence of any meaningful fan-base be the one program to rise to the top of the class? Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, it’s all the coach’s fault.


Yeah, if you think your conference doesn’t have any weak members, you’re the weak member.


Took the words right out of my mouth.


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Are we still looking for the sucker at the poker table? I hear that’s a bad sign


Yeah that was a sneaky way of saying that we are not cutting ticket prices and that we don’t care if our fans sell their tickets to other teams fans, as long as we (UH) make money on the initial sale.

Welcome to the future, TDECU full of Orange, Purple and Maroon.


Grow the fan base before you maximize revenue.

This is a mistake.