R. Walker

Did I see Walker on the bench in the second half with an ice pack or heating pad on his right knee ? ? ? ? ?

Ding Ding Ding, saw the same thing as he was limping and looking uncomfortable sitting with the ice on the knee…

What a year for injuries. I would like to be the first person to nominate Kelvin Sampson for National Coach of the Year. How in the heck are we undefeated in conference?


It’s been mentioned on Coogfans and a couple of Coog sites on Facebook a month or so ago, and frequently . . . . .


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But culture works a lot better when you have a roster of healthy players.
If Walker can’t go who do you think takes his minutes?
To me Roberts has not played all that well recently.

White takes his min and the other bigs play a little more if the game is close. If way ahead then Armbrester gets a handful of minutes.

I agree… A testament to CKS’s roster building.

If Walker can’t go then Shead, Edwards, Moore and Fabs rotate 1-3 and, like said above, Armbrester may get some minutes at 3, too.

Chaney, Carlton, Roberts get most of the minutes at 4-5 and Francis plays some, too.

Hopefully, Walker can play… We’re definitely better with him than without him.

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