R Walker

Any update on the Walker injury ? ? ? ? ? Did he play more than just a couple of minutes following the injury ? ? ? ? ?

he was jumping around and seemed ok from the bench

He was jumping and cheering like crazy. Didn’t look very injured to me.

Taken a knee to a quad before. Can lead to a nasty contusion but won’t be anything serious

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Looked like a nasty knee to the thigh, but not serious. I am sure he will be good to go Thursday.

Remember being 18 and healing up that fast from a frog in the thigh??

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Then you know it’s gonna smart a bit tomorrow….but yes a little work from the trainers and he’ll be right as rain.

I am sure that getting all of Cockburn will leave him limping a few days, def sore tomorrow. He’ll be good to go in a few.