Radio Broadcast of the Game

The game was broadcast on KPRC 950 AM. I left with about 5 minutes remaining and listened to the last few minutes on the car radio. Before the game was over, they switched programming. Anyone else notice that?


Sounds normal for Houston am radio. No idea why we aren’t on a fm station you can hear all over town. Joke


Same thing for us. I’ve never had that happen before.

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I know that you can’t stream 790 through their website on game day. Its radio or nothing. That why UH promotes the Varsity app. It works good.


FunkMM, is the app on the UH home page?

I usually try and listen to the post game show when I get in the car and it wasn’t on and there was some dweeb talking about how armageddon was upon us I was like where are the UH announcers.


It was like the Heidi game of the Oakland Raiders vs NY Jets from 1968.

You young whippersnappers will have no idea what I am taking about, so look it up.


What’s a whippersnapper? Is that something you old people used when you were walking to school in the snow, uphill both ways? :wink:


Athletics website > schedule > select any game > hit the :loud_sound: icon and it will bring up the app.

Yep. They sure did switch it. I wonder if that was a person or some computer programming error. Either way it’s a screw up.

Yeah, we gotta get off of news talk radio. Getting in my car after sitting for the alma mater and walking to the blue lot and hearing some dude screaming about conspiracy BS is disappointing every time it happens. And I know there are enough sports radio stations in Houston to find one of those, so…what’s the deal?

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There’s 3 stations in Houston. 610,790 and 97.5. We are on 950. Aggies are on 97.5. Texas is on 790.

In today’s vernacular, a whippersnapper is a young person who is presumptuous and overconfident.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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yes, i left also mid 4th and tried to listen in car - and it was annoying as hell. I kept waiting for 950 to catch the error and switch back to the UH game / post-game but they never did…

KPRC 950 sucks…

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I’m just kidding. I’m officially old too now. The AARP application came in the mail a few weeks ago. It’s all over now…

XM had the broadcast (they’ve had all of our games on the upper channels 190s)