Ranked Teams that Lost This Week

Nov 21-28

1 UNC to Iowa St
1 UNC to 18 Alabama
3 Kansas to 22 Tennessee by 14!
6 Gonzaga to 24 Purdue by 18!
8 Duke to 24 Purdue by 19!
9 Arkansas to 10 Creighton
10 Creighton to 14 Arizona
12 Michigan St to 18 Alabama by 11!
17 San Diego St to 9 Arkansas
17 San Diego St to 14 Arizona by 17!
18 Alabama to 20 UConn by 15!
21 Texas Tech to 10 Creighton by 11!
21 Texas Tech to Ohio St
25 Iowa to TCU

Remember a couple of weeks ago when 7 of 9 former SWC teams were ranked? (Houston, Baylor, Texas, Arkansas, TCU, Texas Tech and Texas A&M)

And then there were four.


The only one really effected with these losses are TT and the loser of Arkansas vs SDSTU.

UNC did not lose, but was unimpressive again in a 89-81 win over Portland…

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Updated for UNC and Kansas losses today.

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Updated, with one game to go Sunday night (Iowa St/UConn - both unbeaten).

UCONN is a NC contender

Good thing the FF is in Houston this year. Going to be hard to beat them Coogs.

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