Ranked Teams that Lost, Week of Dec 12

2 Virginia to 5 Houston
4 Alabama to 15 Gonzaga by 10!
6 Tennessèe to 9 Arizona
13 Kentucky to 16 UCLA by 10!
14 Indiana to 8 Kansas by 22!
19 Auburn to USC
20 Maryland to 16 UCLA by 27!
21 Creighton to Arizona St
21 Creighton to Marquette by 11!
23 Ohio St to UNC

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Creighton lost to Marquette too last night

They wont sniff the top 25 for a while

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They shouldnt


Lunardi was the only big CBB talking head who didn’t have Houston ranked in the top 4 preseason. He had Creighton ranked over us. Wonder what he’s thinking now.

Probably that Creighton is still better …

People don’t get over their biases quickly

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I caught the Purdue v Davidson replay. Purdue is beatable.


Creighton is not a good team.

Doug has done a great job elevating that program. But I think it is time to see if a guy can come in and get them past the Sweet Sixteen.

Creighton was playing good basketball to start the season… What happened!?

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There center got hurt and they fell off a cliff

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I missed that… That’ll do it.

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C’mon now… pretty easy to see what he thinks now. Here is his most recent bracketelogy from yesterday morning. Had us at #5 and Creighton at #42. This was before beating UVA.

We will be at #3 and a #1 seed on his next one.


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Mostly joking!

Phi phi brother

Do we move above Bama?


Don’t they have better quality wins? They did beat #1 on the road after all.

Timing matters as does other losses

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I guess I forgot that bama already had a loss when they played us, so now they have (2).

we will be ranked above them, my bad.