Ranking the Best Defensive Lines for 2017 College Football Season

10. Houston Cougars

Why they’re here: Oliver is enough of a reason for Houston to be here, but he’s not all new head coach Major Applewhite has in his arsenal. The transfer of Texas A&M graduate Reggie Chevis will bolster an already-strong unit, as he had 25 tackles, including two for a loss for the Aggies a season ago. He’ll help keep double-teams off Oliver. Nick Thurman and Bryan Jones should provide a strong pass rush off the edge, and though the group needs depth, the Cougars have plenty of talent.

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Bryan Jones is at UH?


Yep, life of a G5: the articles aren’t always accurate. Also, no mention of Jerard Carter, who coaches believe will be a solid starter, saying that Thurman will be “coming off the edge” when this is a 3-4 defense and he’s a large guy, and the fact that there isn’t a lot of depth is a little strange considering this , again, is a 3-4 defense and they just listed 4 guys.

Carter was injured in the spring. Probably still rehab-ing the leg.