Rant 🤬

Another Saturday at home doing house projects watching other universities play football. And now the SEC starts, and Monday, I will have to sit at work and listen to all the SEC fans about how great the weekend was.

Eff you Rice, Wazzu, Memphis, Baylor, and UNT for not keeping your programs inline!


I agree, it’s completely frustrating. I hear it in my son’s voice, they just want to play. I believe there is a reason to this madness and it could be to our advantage. They will now just concentrate on staying healthy and playing conference opponents. They still practice each week as if they had a game to play. No one has film on us, so that could play to our side.


Rice - hasn’t played yet. have no idea what’s going on with them, total lack of info coming from s. main and no interest by comical.

Wash St. conference canceled on them, not their fault.

Memphis total lack of institutional control, should be a forfeit.

Baylor total cowardice. should be a forfeit.

North Texas Seems strange that they were ok up until this week.

Houston despite a hit piece by a comical hack writer in June, UH has done every right. We very well be the thing that goes bump in the night for the other teams that play us.


As Ruck Fice as we are, don’t blame Rice. Rice has a bunch of international students, and they do research here. They don’t care too much about Football at the moment. They weren’t goofing around. Their mission is more academic than football at the moment.

Wazzu too, that’s the PAC-12.

F Baylor. That was some total bologna.

UNT? UNT just wasn’t in line. Who caught COVID?

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In line for a flu shot week before last, a Rice player was behind me. Nice kid, OL. He wants to play. They all want to play. He asked me if I thought we’d play later on for the Bayou Bucket. If things were up to the players in college, they’d likely want to go on Saturday if they only had 22 healthy.


I got so depressed after this week’s cancellation I took wife and myself to Lake Charles. My wife was so sympathetic yesterday seeing me wear Friday Coog Red she didn’t say anything other than she’ll be glad when the team finally gets to play. I can’t wait. I almost pulled up an old UH game on the TV to watch last night. I’m really concerned about going into our first game (whenever it is…) and it being our first versus another team with 2-3 or 4 games under their belt. Go Coogs!


I know I am being harsh with Rice and Wazzu. I know those kids want to play. I am just frustrated with how the season has begun. Getting hopes up then having them dashed. I love the Fall, and it ain’t because of the weather.

Two pluses are the Coogs should be well-prepared and rested for the remainder of the year!

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Was the reference to going to Lake Charles a joke?

SI came out with a story yesterday about the hurricane impact on Lake Charles and McNeese State’s football program.

The article is right on. The destruction is incredible. Thousands of trees down, thousands with blue tarps on their roofs and many still without electricity.

Not sure why going to Lake Charles would be a joke? We have many friends in LC who needed help. Work during the day, free rooms/meals at Golden Nugget which had the best open restaurants in LC. Houstonians also need to help our neighbors especially after Cajun Navy helped so much during Harvey. (Now the joke.) We have a time share at the Golden Nugget LC!

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I think he was speaking about going to the casinos. That’s my guess but he can speak on it I’m sure.

UH isn’t playing today but a Baylor loss would sure feel like a win. Go Kansas!

Not to meantion: The Texans with their losing ways.

Why not go to the casino? Every $$ spent in LC area helps boost their economy and keeps employees paid. Many of our friends work in the gaming industry. Let me give you a few stories from people we’ve know for years. Waitress M. lost her roof and insurance is still arguing over damages and has not cut a check or offered assistance. Her husband’s job is shut down and she’s the only breadwinner for now for hubby and the twins. Another GNLC employee has worked Salt Grass 12 days straight to make a insurance deductible.

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OK - I thought maybe because you were referencing LC that you were just trying express the desire to get out of town because you were stir crazy about the Coogs not playing and had forgotten that they had just gotten hit by a hurricane. Obviously, you are aware of LC and their situation then by your response.

The SI article references locals who feel that they have been forgotten with COVID, riots, the economy and the election all going on to turn the news cycle. They seem to be tough people. But nobody deserves what they have gone through this past year.

Are the casinos open already? I was at them in June just after opening from COVID and they were pretty quiet. I believe the Golden Nugget took severe roof damage. The golf courses were in real good shape in June but I believe they have another month or so to go before they open again.

My daughter just transferred to McNeese from Wichita State. She was tired of playing in the Kansas wind saying it was impacting her golf game. Was at school a week, coach got COVID dayt 1 and a 150 mph hurricane hit within 7 days. Lucky her apartment wasn’t destroyed like so many. She is home now, started classes last Friday online but they probably won’t be back on campus until Jan.

From 9/10 - Golden Nugget’s roof has been fixed, electricity back on but awhile before it is open.

There now open. We were there Sunday/Monday after they opened on the 12th and this Wednesday and Thursday-this week, Daughter there last night and last Friday. They have about 400 rooms available thru hosts due to limited capacity. Limited restaurants Salt Grass and Claim jumpers were first to open and Landry’s opened Thursday night. Our only issue was the water cut off at midnight for several hours but it was announced via posting at the elevators. BTW: Calcasieu Parrish has 10:00 curview so GN announces a reminder at 9:00 each night. The first week tables shut down at 11:00 but this week stayed open. Lots of construction and responders staying there. Also make sure you make reservations for dinners early or you’ll wait 1 1/2-2 hours.


Great to hear. That little town needs the help and the business and people flowing in and out. It is horrible what they have gone through this year between COVID, economy shut down, economic impacts, oil industry and now the hurricane.

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