Ratings for last night?

Has anyone seen them yet?

What about the ratings for last weekend? Did I miss them?

1.0 nationally would mean somewhere between 1.5M and 1.7M people watched our game.

That’s really good.

Those seem like great Thursday numbers. Looking at the ratings for Sept. 15 and Sept 22 a 1.0 nationally would beat every other Thursday night cable rating except the NFL game. That is pretty dang good.

6.3 on ESPN for a blowout against a nobody is dang good

All last year, ESPN only had 2 games that did better than 6.3 in Houston.


Still want to know about techs ratings


I honestly didn’t even know ttu was playing last night…I saw this thread and i had to look it up, and i was hanging out with a tech alum last night…

Between social media, news, and radio, everyone at least knew we had a game.


Here is a site I found but not yet updated for this week. Interesting to see the national numbers every week. http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/college-football-tv-ratings/

I had forgotten that Texas Tech had a football program, honestly.


ha! you wrong for that Progs

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Great numbers. This is especially important before the small12 meetings.

Actually, it’s about 1.2 million. Comparable with the ACC game last Thursday.

6.3 in Houston means about 154,000 TVs. That’s up there with the 10PM news…if you combine 2, 11, and 13.

Clemson vs GTech did 1.1 last Thursday on ESPN. UH vs UConn did 1.0.

The AAC should be demanding more money right now.


Trying to be unbiased,we had two things going for us last night against Tech.

  1. we’re ranked #6. Counts for a lot. If we were unranked and Tech was #6, that would have swung some of the viewers.

  2. we were playing on ESPN. I think they were on FS1. You walk into any bar in 'Merica, they’re going to have ESPN on. The only reason I go to FS1 is because I know they have a game of interest on. I always check out ESPN, even when I don’t know what’s on.

Factor in #HTownTakeover and they didn’t have a chance.

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If undefeated Louisville can come to an undefeated Houston for the Thursday night game in Nov, I wouldn’t be surprised if we pull a 2.0.

Thought UH vs. Cincy already pulled a 2.2 on Thursday night. Two undefeated / Top 5 or 6 teams facing on a Thursday night would be a BIG draw.


So for last night, the American Conference match-up had almost 3 times the viewers vs the Big 12 game… for one-tenth the pay.


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