Ratings for last night?

Brad, that’s a Tech problem. They’re not #6 cuz they suck, which is the reason why ESPN has no interest in put them on primetime like us. They can’t blame on money cuz they have been robbing ESPN since the inclusion of b12. They haven’t done jack squat as a member of b12. If realignments were starting today and without their big daddy UT, they would belong in MWC or C-USA.

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3x more than Tech. Bahahaha

Sports Media Watch showed .9 rating with 1.421 million viewers. This compares to .3 rating for Tech/Kansas, delivering a mere 532K viewers. We kicked both UCONN and the Mighty Big 12 Thursday night.

These numbers are close enough to Barron’s to be credible. Still haven’t seen Tech’s Houston numbers.

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Our ratings repeatedly blow big holes in the Big 12’s continued claims that they own or control the Houston market. They can keep telling themselves that, but eventually ESPN is going to wake up to the fact they are paying for viewers in the No. 8 media market that they really don’t have. That will get interesting.


Brad, nice analysis but in the end we kicked ratings butt. Why does not change what.

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