RBs Preview (Underdog Dynasty)

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We have a thunder & lightning situation im excited about.


I personally think we are very stout at RB

I think Car is the key, BUT…he has to stay healthy. Something that he has struggled with.

I disagree WSNC, I don’t think we are stout at RB at all.

I had big hopes for Car, but those have dwindled after seeing him play the past few years. Chandler and Kelan are simply bodies.

The only back we have that may have any “playmaking” ability is T’Zhawn and he hasn’t played a down yet for UH.

Oh I yearn for the days when we had Bryce Beall, Charles Sims and Michael Hayes all in the same backfield (2010). Everyone of them were special backs that could make a big play at any time.

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My understanding is Car has been dealing with injuries the last couple of years. If he is healthy, he is very good. Hopefully, this is his year.

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Our problem is not the backs, it is the offensive line.

Agree plus I hear that Walker has really developed and should be a good power back with some quickness. We also have Henry who gives us a scatback, and then there’s Brown, Smith, Snead, and McCaskill. I think it’s a strong position.


This is a strength for our Team. Very strong group.

I’m looking forward to seeing Ta’Zhawn Henry and Alton McCaskill play to see what they can do. I’m feel very confident that both of these guys could be major stars for us! I’m just hoping Holgorsen is open-minded enough to let them both play if the other guys struggle instead of letting them go to waste sitting on the bench!

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