Reactions from H-town basketball people about Sampson's staying at UH

I contacted a few basketball people and asked for their comments on Kelvin Sampson’s signing to stay at Houston. Each of them has very positive words…


Thank you for sharing. I like what I am hearing from the pulse of AAU and the Greater Houston area high school basketball coaches. The Coogs are back in the conversation for local AAU and high school talent. Good stuff!

Go Coogs. Peace.

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I love the last quote:

“I believe the fact that he’s focusing on keeping the top players home also has a lot to do with this extension. True, he won’t be able to sign them all; but, I believe Coach ( Alvin ) Brooks and the rest of those guys will have every legitimate recruit considering staying home.


Hopefully, this could lead to us finally getting some size under the basket. If the Coogs can get a big center to fill up the middle surrounded with talent that can shoot and drive at all the other positions they would be serious championship contenders. UH doesn’t need a high-level scorer at the center position. I just want a big that can finish at the basket while rebounding and playing defense. Think Harris but with better hands that shoot decently from the line. If we had a Teshawn Thomas like a player on this current team it could have made a difference against teams like Kentucky.