Reading Between The Lines?

I just received an invitation to attend a meeting of the UH PAC (Political Action Committee) on October 20th, with the following sentence:
"Join us to get an update on our joining the Big 12 and the prospect of a new medical school.

I wonder - is there a hidden meaning in the wording of the two parts of that invitation? :open_mouth:


That is interesting. Wasn’t last years invite saying something like “how we kept CTH” when the new contract hadn’t been announced yet?

Yes it did - and then the new contract WAS ANNOUNCED! One more reason why the wording of the invitation this years is especially “interesting.”

Eatemup, i have to agree with you. Something is going on…the way things are worded seem like something is around the corner…

You HAVE TO WAIT until 10/20 to get an update on the Big12 …

THAT SO and I’d sent the PAC … packing for more gullible recipients.

The Nigerian e-mails I use to get sounded more plausible.

What ever happened to your SEC contact or did that source dry up like CoogBong’s chicken bones.

NOT ONLY IS THERE NOTHING BETWEEN THE LINES … but the lines themselves (save the medical school) sound empty.

You do not invite the richest and most powerful donors to a meeting, say in the invitation you are going to give an update on Houston’s possible future Big 12 membership, and then come out and say something negative like " we arent going to be invited" If the news was bad, they would simply ignore the topic and focus on something else. They made a point of mentioning it…Something is going on…If not a bid to Big 12, then a bid to some other P5 is brewing…

I suspect we should know LONG BEFORE 10/20 what the Big12 decided on expansion … yea or nay … and any “updates on our joining the Big12” in late Oct will be OLD NEWS at best.

Your ‘something is going on’ sounds like those famous Pac12 is just around the corner you were famous for on the OTHER board …

EEU is now famous for his SEC follow the yellow brick road and our first admin is now for his B1G tales of wonder … 'course there’s always CoogBong and his ACC is gonna come out tomorrow … ongoing for 7 years now.

It does get the blood flowing … for awhile … but then rigor mortis sets in … as usual … eventually .

I am like my ole friend Red80 … water towers not withstanding … I’ll believe it when I see some HARD EVIDENCE and its ACTUALLY biting my patootie HARD and drawing blood and pain. :scream: :wink:

I don’t have any inside information. But I’ve thought the compromise would be UH gets a medical school and potentially added to the Big 12, and UT gets the UT-HOUSTON campus. It is a win-win solution for both sides.

That is NOT win-win Qwan. Pray we didn’t sell our souls for some POS big 12 invite.

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Only way that is win win is if they open uo the PUF.


Paws, any idiot can see that the PAC 12 is waiting to see what happens with the Big 12 before deciding on what move to make, if any. OU and Texas deciding to leave would fracture the league. THEY will dictate what happens. The Big 12 could do anything from going to 14 to imploding by doing nothing, because OU and Texas know it is far easier to break the GOR.
Knowing what Big 12 will do before 10-20? No we wont…Because Texas has stated they do not wish to pursue the issue before 2017.
Too many people on our boards behave like recalcitrant 5 year olds who demand an answer by next week or they go off and sulk and complain and whine that nothing will ever happen.
Nobody ever said anything was just around the corner…the timelines are going to be adhered to.

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Uhhh … idiot … aye … present and accounted for …

sorry but my Lil Orphan Annie Ovaltine decoder ring is telling me something ELSE … :relaxed:

I’ve been in rough seas before with waves making most on board calling for O’Roark every other minute …

But reading you postings for the past several years makes those ORoark waves look like Lake Houston on a calm August day.

:wink: … but hey I like most have enjoyed them …even though most all of them would do well on the SyFy channel.

They don’t have the authority to do that (not that they ever would). It would take an amendment to the Texas Constitution.

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IF they endorsed it it would pass the Texas house and senate.

Paw, i didnt call you an idiot by name…Its more general term to describe everyone on this board who acts like something has to happen in the next month or something…Given the instability of the Big 12, the PAC deems it wise to wait and see what happens…Those people are 10-15 million a year per school behind their rivals in BIG and SEC…Their fledgling network makes almost no money and they will have to expand sooner or later or resign themselves to being perpetually way behind all their rival conferences financially. That is their situation…Right now, OU drives the re alignment bus…EVERYONE is waiting to see what happens with Big 12…Do they expand, do they fragment and splinter? It is pretty much OUs decision to make…If they leave, Texas will leave and the raiding will begin…If they stay, Texas will stay and Big 12 will stabilize…OU;s final decision likely based on getting most of what they want…If they are saddled with ridiculous playoff game with no divisions and only 10 members, and no expansion, no tv network, i think they will leave…If they get expansion, divisions, a respectable playoff game scenario, then i think they will stay…All we can do is wait and see what happens and hope that dysfunctional conference and its members come to SOME decision within next couple of years…

I find it comical that you refer to many others on the board as “idiots”, but you think OU or Texas leaving the Big 12 in spite of the Grant of Rights is a possibility.

Neither of these schools is going anywhere. They will get whatever scenario they want.

Gents let’s keep this civil. Everyone is on edge waiting on the Big12. Truth is we dont control it. So all we can do is hope for the best. We are all Coog brothers long after all this mess.


Hey guys! I was a longtime scroller on the older board and came over to the new one. I plan to remain a reader and kindof active on both. But I share in the sentiments of everyone when I say that the next few years will be pretty interesting. But the Big 12’s indecisiveness is crazy annoying. Either way I think the Coogs will be in pretty good shape! Go Coogs!

3 schools leaving voids the grant of rights, Quan, and if OU and Texas do decide to make a move, they wont be doing it alone. If OU gets what they want, they will not leave, but so far, they have NOT gotten what they wanted, which was expansion and a tv network.Playing some farce of a championship game with only 10 schools where you dont even have divisions is not going to placate OU.

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