Really KEWL new trailer for upcoming "Dune" movie

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When did they stop calling them “Previews” and start calling them “trailers?” They don’t trail the movies, they give you a preview of the movie.

Valid point. I still see the word “preview” when I go to the cinema and watch them.

For some reason, out on the streets, “trailer” is now the preferred term.

In any event, this is a movie I really want to see.

The original movie version of “Dune” was such an embarrassing mega-flop that its director, David Lynch, has succeeded in getting his name removed from the credits on certain video releases.

The Sci-Fi channel did a pretty good mini-series version.

But the novel is such a sci-fi masterpiece that it deserves a movie adaption that truly does it justice.

Hopefully…this will be the one!

OK, I know I am probably in a small minority, but I actually liked the original movie! Yes, I have admitted to the whole internet world.

:rofl: :joy:

But I agree, the book is a masterpiece and I hope the new version really does it justice. It is already on the right course as in this version it appears that Paul will be a teenager, which is what he is in the book, and not in his mid to late 20’s, like the 80s movie.

I’m interested to see how they depict the “Weirding Way.”

In the book, it’s obviously a fighting style/martial art.

But in the 1980s Lynch film, they change it into a stupid sonic voice weapon.

It’ll be interesting to see how the people fight!

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Very good point.

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