Receiver room

With all the WR we have picked up this year, who’s going to end up starting? I know they rotate in and out a ton so it doesn’t really make a difference but just curious. My guess is


And the returning guys
With Clayton and Henry in the backfield and Campbell rotating with Henry


I’d guess Dell, Brown, and Carter, but it definitely wouldn’t shock me to see Golden starting. We now have a strong two-deep with those four plus Manjack and Wafer. Also have Guidry and Sawyer.

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Cant forget Kesean Carter… and CJ Guidry


Yep. Kesean came up huge last year. He made a bunch of big catches and was just hitting his stride when he got hurt.
If he’s healthy, I think he definitely starts.


Brown/transfer or McCoy/Wafer

Golden or Manjack


Trying to come up with a depth chart makes me think the rumors of targeting another outside receiver are true. I guess Carter can play outside too.

Honestly I forgot about Carter

Out of the returning guys, Dell, Carter and Sawyer will be the main ones getting snaps. Add in Manjack, Golden and the other new guys and we should have solid options.

Sawyer? I think Brown, Golden, Manjack, and Wafer are ahead of him on the depth chart.


He was getting a lot of snaps at the second half of the season. He just needs to catch the ball more. I dont know how his Spring turned out.

Who"s going to be our kick returner. No, Whos the punt returner and I Donno is the kick returner.

I thinking maybe some of those receivers could end up in other positions like in the secondary, Just thinking out loud.

I’ll go with Dell, Carter, and Brown.

Golden, Manjack, Nelson, and Guidry should play a lot. Also saw Wafer making players at the Red/White game.

With this group of receivers I don’t think it matters who starts….probably at least 5 or 6 guys that will get a lot of reps.

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Dell will be the guy, of course.

But it will be nice to have some other guys that can take the pressure off of Dell.

I figured we would start seeing Dell be triple teamed if we didn’t hit in guys in the portal. And adding Golden was a big-time help for this season. That kid is special.


I like Manjack’s potential. He can run some Wildcat, too, if Coach has any interest in adding that package to our offense.



#1 Dell
#2 Golden
#4+ Brown/Carter/Manjack/Henry

Waifer still has to show me more. Not sure how he looked all spring since not many can see the practices but did have a couple nice grab in traffic in the last scrimmage.

McCoy got a mention but not sure we know if he is coming.

Who do you have replacing kick return/punt return? That backup running back we had I think took a few reps last season.

I believe to start the season it will be Dell, Carter, and Brown. But I think Golden ends up getting more PT than cater towards the end of the year. Also I want Dell in the slot 95% of the time. When cater is in Dell usually plays on the outside. But Dell is UNSTOPPABLE in the slot. Most of his TDs this year came from the slot. Once Carter went down, Dell moved to the slot most of the snaps, and we put Jake on the outside. Dell then went crazy to finish the year. I think by the 2nd half of the season it’s will be Brown and Golden on the outside, with Dell working the slot. Manjack, Carter, and Wafer will rotate in a lot. Our offense will start looking a lot like the defense with the 1a 1b rotations


Wafer ****

We could see Guidry returning kickoffs. His HUDl film looked good
, fast and elusive. DCTF had him at 4.4. He could break into the rotation. good hands and plenty fast,

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