Record donation to be announced Thurs

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Gotta be the basketball arena.

Ferrtita for B-ball arena?

So how much is record setting? How much did the Moore’s donate? I know that in one single donation it would have to beat John O’Quinn’s. How much would be record breaking

That’s what Berman just said. 20 million, and Tillman gets naming rights.

So, Fettitta Arena or Landry’s Center?

Moores gave $25MM to athletics in 1991. Over $51MM in total that year.

So, is it more than $25 million or not a record?

Well, since I have the winning Power Ball for Wed night…

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My memory might be faulty here, but I think the Moores gift for the Athletics/Alumni Building was about 28 or 29 million; and then at about the same time, he gave money for other projects, like the opera house and other things. I think the total was around 90 million!

UH considering Fertitta Center as basketball arena’s name

Tilman Fertitta, UH’s board of regents chairman and Landry’s restaurants company founder and CEO, gave a $20 million lead gift – the largest ever by an individual to the athletic department – toward the $60 million price tag for the project.

I guess the’re going with the fact that Fertitta is an “individual” while the Moores’ gift, while larger, was from both husband/wife.

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