Recruiting inside out

Random stat but Texas A&M currently has the 3rd ranked recruiting class in the nation for 2022. Of their top 10 recruits in the class, 7 of them are from Houston. 9 of their 18 total recruits are from Houston area. 50% of the class is from Houston. This is why these teams want to keep us away from P5. If we get kids to stay home, it’s a wrap. Texas A&M, UT, Baylor, TCU, Tech have all been feasting off Houston kids. The staff is well aware of the importance of recruiting inside out. I’m hoping with the big 12 move, and our recent success, we can start convincing some of these guys to stay home. Not expecting us to get a whole bunch of 5 start but more guys like Alton and Ceasar can really move the needle for us.


CDH pointed out a lot of things on his radio show last week about what a game changer it is the program moving into the Big 12.

The shows are available wherever you listen to podcasts now.


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Hell no! Allowing Houston into Big 12

(Stoops) lost to two teams - hell, Houston beats everybody," Switzer said. "They were 13-1 last year, weren’t they? It’d be a hell of a mistake if the Big 12 allows them to come in. They’ve got better players in Harris County than anywhere else in the United States.

Well they just f’up they did :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Helton was going to build a fence around Houston. How did that work out? Truth is he had a lazy staff. On the other hand our move to the SWC with CBY at the helm and what was probably our hardest working and best recruiters took us to the top. Being in the Big 12 will help but still comes down to who can “seal the deal.”

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On the LSU vs A&M broadcast last night, the announcers talked about how both coaches respected the rivalry and it helped with recruiting Houston.

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Helton was going to build a fence around Houston? I remember him telling everyone that there is too much competition in Houston and Texas for players and that he opted to spend as much time in Florida recruiting as in Texas.

Half the kids we target in the Houston area will want to go away to college just like many here did, and as their own children did or are doing. Nothing you can do to keep them in town. Identify that right off the bat and you don’t waste much effort (time and resources). We might be in the mix again if these players go elsewhere and wish to return home to play.

A large number of Yeoman’s great players were not from Houston.

They were from all over Texas. San Angelo, Odessa, San Antonio, Brenham, Tyler, Lufkin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Pampa, Beaumont, etc.

At present our QB is from a Dallas suburb. You can go on and on.

Big 12 membership will allow UH to pursue the best athletes from everywhere. Houston if possible. But all over Texas.

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I kind of like our footprint now with Texas, OK, LA with some CA, GA, and other states.

They also showed Herman wearing UH gear denying things. Also the scroll bar of the top 25 teams showed our score vs UConn which is why being ranked is important for national recognition thru out the game.

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