Recruiting Question...getting UH interested?

I’ve been watching a “kid” who plays in a tiny East Texas school (Leggett HS) and he appears to me to be a perfect player for UH’s system. He is currently second in the state(among all schools) in scoring at 33 ppg, by far is the leading 3 pt shooter in Texas HS basketball and shoots 45% from 3 pt line. He is very unselfish…and could score much higher numbers easily.

How could I bring this kid’s name to attention of Sampson’s staff? His name is Davaun Perkins and I have no relation or interest otherwise than being a former UH Cooger who would love for him to get a shot at UH. Any thoughts appreciated.


Send an email to the staff

just searched, he is a 20’ recruit… we are already filled for 2020…not unless he doesn’t mind being a preferred walk-on unlikely to be picked up by houston

Thanks…Just sent Coach Brooks an e-mail. It may be too late but this kid is really something special.

I’ve always wondered the same thing. I live in an area with tons of prep schools and see espn 100 kids play a lot (when I go watch games with friends who have kids playing at the prep school here).

It looks like Leggett is 1A, right? I’m sure this kid is a good basketball player, but 1A really isn’t even in the same stratosphere as 5A/6A. Maybe even a bigger gap than between D1 and D3.

1A or no A, a good player is a good player. Calvin Murphy played for Niagra which is light years from Duke of UNC; but he was still a great player. LSU had an All SEC football player, Terry Robiskie, that went on to play pro ball. He went to a Class B high school. Jack Pardee played 6 man football in HS, but did well at aTm.

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I’m just saying you have to take whatever he’s doing at that level with quite a big grain of salt. The majority of rotation players at the 5A/6A level would be the best player in most 1A districts.

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Hallettsville TX is 3a. They have a football player going to UT, baseball player going to A and M, and Softball player that is a freshman for Florida just threw a no hitter in her first career game. Ask Newton football 3a team with many big time college players.

While the competition is far less, if you are good regardless of classification you can make it.

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