Recruiting rankings should be higher next cycle

Our recruiting rankings should rise a lot with this new staff in place. It may be difficult to get a recruit who has a offer from a blueblood but the likes of TCU, Tech, Baylor, Oklahoma State, etc should be no problem for UH especially if the recruits are from the Houston area.

Here are some points I would stress to recruits.

  1. Experienced power 5 coaches
  2. The number of NFL players coached by this staff
  3. UH has power 5 facilities
  4. Very high chance of going to a NY6 bowl
  5. Over 90% of P5 schools will not go to playoffs
  6. Getting educated at a Tier 1 university
  7. The university administrators are 110% committed to student athletes

After writing my list, I got pumped up and really excited about our football program’s outlook. This could be a sneak peak of our team in the B12.

With these points, P5 schools can’t use the G5 stigma on our program anymore. This could be the paradigm shift we are looking for.

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Make item #5 - “over 90% of P5 schools will not go to playoffs.”

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Only 4 of 130 schools get to try to beat Alabama at the invitational. That’s 3% so 97% get shut out.

Maybe over time but unless we win 10+ games and beat someone good in a bowl game, I don’t see a much improvement next year. Our average recruit ranking this year is quite a bit better than 2017 or 2018.

TCU, Tech and Baylor don’t win 10 games.

If you were recruiting for one of those schools, what reason would you give to recruits to go to their school instead of UH?

The thing I trust the most is Dana’s eye for talent. Our staff that is being put together should as well.

I hope the staff is going to recruit against P5 schools that’s why the percentage is only for P5s. If you plan to improve the program, better recruiting is what you need to start.

A chance to make the playoff. Sure, a slim chance but still a chance.

If that would be your only argument, I just got that recruit to sign with UH.

I would give them the realistic numbers why they will not be there and that the 4 team system is pretty much setup for certain teams.

Yeah, I screwed up my calculation. So 65 P5 schools means on about 6% make the playoff. We always recruit against the P5, that isn’t, won’t be, new. We just do not consistently land the best guys we go after. Boise St landed three 4* recruits in its 2019 class. Have you ever been to Boise? Nothing there except a blue field to play on. Whatever they are doing must resonate with some kids. They don’t always do that well but this year they seemed to hit gold. Good for them. Those kids will be juniors when we play them in a few years if they stick around.

So you convince them that since none of your offer schools has a real chance at the playoffs you might as well play for Houston because we have nicer facilities? That may work occasionally if the kid feels chemistry with the coach but it isn’t a good long-term solution, imo.

Did you see the list above? I’m not talking about recruiting against bluebloods. That’s not realistic right now but getting these high end 4 stars that go to TCU and Tech is realistic.

Agree. And I wouldn’t necessarily count on us being ranked much if any higher in recruiting. Of course the season we have will have some bearing on that.


Don’t forget, Clemson has an annual automatic bid to the Alabama Invitational.

Don’t you mean only 3 schools? 4 team invitational playoff with Alabama being one team, leaves three schools to try and beat Alabama.

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The chance to play OU/UT every year still means something to Texas kids, that is a selling point they make along with the possibility of the playoff. TCU can show their BCS/NY6 bowl wins, Baylor can sell the Heisman more recently, Tech would have to sell crowd size. If players actually look at the whole picture, I don’t see why any would pick those 3 schools over UH (maybe TCU). They rarely do look at everything though.

Time will tell. I hope you’re right but you should have an intervention plan just in case.

Although we have a really good locker room, weight room, team meeting rooms, etc, football shares the building with other sports.

The new wave in athletic facilities, is for football to have their own football operations building to house their locker room, weight room, dining room, lounge, coaches offices, etc. This is something UH is going to do but we do not know when.

Even Baylor is getting ready to build their football operations building. Most of the mid-level B12 schools are pouring money into their athletic facilities because they know realignment is coming and they don’t want to be left out.

When we get the football operations building built, we will be a P5 in every sense except for conference affiliation which is the next step.