Red Alert

It’s all about the Cougars! I know it needs to be family friendly, but this would have sounded great with the MFin Cougars.


Sounds like we might be able to rekindle the 2015-2016 younger, cooler and hipper Coogs.


H-Town Takeover back on the menu to stay?


Wow this is some HYPE stuff right here!!! Love it!


Says it was removed??

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Limited engagement.

Either it was published too soon, to the wrong site or didn’t get everyone’s permission.

The players may need their NIL cut from the video.


This is what I’m thinking.

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Says the video has been removed by the uploader?

What was the video about?

It was a music video to the womp womp. Wish they had used a different snare but overall solid vid


You must be a producer… Gotta have the right snare!

I hope they didn’t take it down because of this stupid review by some Wisconsin fan critic. (

That reminds me of when Eminem demanded more snare from Dre in one of his videos :joy:

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Not a producer. I have tried before with Ableton and that one Mac program. But it just sounded a little under produced. Don’t take my opinion to serious. I’m no expert. Just based on how it sounded. It was overall fine though i liked that they put it out there

Was this released officially by UH Athletics?

If so… Prepare for the students to be belting Womp Womp as the team comes in.

I know I suggested Welcome To The Jungle/Smells Like Teen Spirit, but holy smokes if we are using Womp Womp as our entrance. That is going to be GREAT.


Well it comes from Clay Travis’ website. Not surprising he’s an absolute douchebag and less correct than a broken clock.

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UH Football Twitter account makes it sound like it will be publicly released at 10 am this morning.

RED ALERT - The video has been released on Twitter.

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