Red & White scrimmage 10/30 2 PM


Thank god I’m starving for some Kelvin Sampson basketball


Is the scrimmage starters vs bench?

Would love to see a huge turnout.


Marcus and Fabian should draft teams

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They are waiting on the time for the UH-SMU football game to decide per the release.

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Read the tweet

Oh sh*t I’m in the picture. That’s like the 4th time I’ve found myself in a picture/video that the UH basketball account has put out

set for 4 hours before the smu football game


Fans need to show out to impress Jarace Walker


So right during tailgate. Idk who you are or how much you want to tailgate. Just give them one hour of your time to get Walker. I’m asking 7k of my closest UH friends on here.


Fans need to know about this before they can show up, if they are not on Coog fans how will they know, is the uninversity marketing and advertising it?

Hoping for a big crowd and Coog win against SMU. I think that would impress even a hoops recruit more than a dang scrimmage.
Regardless I will be at both


Was the scrimmage well attended today? Look good?

scrimmage you are referencing is tomorrow and will have no attendance, that is a secret scrimmage where no fans are allowed to attend…

the red and white scrimmage, that allows fans is next week… its an intra squad scrimmage (our team is split into 2)…
the one tomorrow is vs Texas

Oh I thought the red and white game was today

Keeping this at the top.

They put it on Twitter. I assume they consider that advertising. Not sure which age group most uses that app. I assume it is on Facebook as well for the older crowd.

Now I am confused. I thought the Red and White Scrimmage was on Saturday at 2 pm before the SMU Game.