Redshirt Question

I keep hearing people saying that we need cut loose R Walker and or Mylik Wilson in order to get more bigs in the portal. Can’t we redshirt freshmen to free up spots? Coach talks glowingly about Mylik’s defense (best defensive player on the team?). R Wilson was the best high school player in Houston. Would like to give those guys a chance.


In todays age I really can’t see many players redshirting and losing a year

Redshirted players are still on the roster and still take up a spot.


RS still counts against the overall Scholly count unless you’re going to tell that Athlete hey we’re not paying your Academics this year. And much more that goes into the Scholly. Not happening!

I will not mention names, but I believe the overall talent level on the team has passed him by. CKS will handle the situation properly as he has always done with this type of situation.

I am more taken back about Marks move.

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