Redshirt Tracker

Thought this might be helpful to see which freshmen have played so far this season, and which freshman are still potential redshirt candidates. Will update each week following the game.

DB #30 Grant Stuard All games played
DE #98 Payton Turner 4 games played (Rice, TTU, Temple, SMU)
LB #49 David Anenih 3 games played (TTU, Temple, SMU)
LB #26 Elijah Gooden 3 games played (TTU, Temple, SMU)
OL #64 Dennis Bardwell 1 game played (Rice)
RB #8 Davion Mitchell 1 game played (Rice)
CB #31 D.J. Small 1 game played (TTU)

No Participation 2017 (Yet)
QB #1 Bryson Smith
DB #4 DeVodric Bynum
WR #6 Jeremy Singleton
LB #28 Amaud Willis-Dalton
LB #41 Derek Parish
DL #80 Noah Jones
WR #81 Tre’Von Bradley
TE #89 Parker Eichenberger
DL #95 Alexander Duke


I thought Willis-Dalton was practicing with the safeties. Has he moved back to LB?

Nice job

I just went by listed positions on the team roster.

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Oh ok. Good job though. :thumbsup:

Saw a number of them on the non participation list suited up.

Awesome! Thanks!

Wonder what the plan is for Davion Mitchell. We could have easily kept him out of that Rice game.

If they play one down they lose their redshift right? Injury redshift are percentage of the season right?

Correct. One play burns the redshirt, with the exception of a medical redshirt, which allows a player to play 1/3 of the quarters in the season prior to the injury.

I think some of the younger guys are gonna have to play regardless of need. Even some of the guys in next year’s class. I think that coaches are starting to realize that depth is having a roster with guys who have seen sufficient snaps, not having 12 juniors or seniors who sat on the bench most of their college career(s). Hopefully they make the most of burning his red-shirt and give him more in game reps.

Well he did look good in that game, I would guess they have some sort of plan for him for this season. Otherwise doesn’t make too much sense since we have Catalon, Birden, Car who looked established as well as Carr getting reps in the Rice game. Plus you still have Kokuma and Justice which I guess have just not done much to show they should be on the field. Birden is the only senior so its not like you need to give Mitchell reps this year to be ready to take over. Hopefully it is because they see him as something special and could be the #1 back next year.

CMA mentioned after the Rice game that none of the other RBs had separated themselves in practice to earn the 3rd spot. Used the Rice game to try and see who would set themselves apart. Looks like Car won that battle. I imagine Michell will see more time in another blowout or if guys keep getting hurt.

Justice is hurt which is why he isn’t on the field. He’s usually a special teams guy when healthy. Probably wouldn’t be in the running for RB if healthy. Kokuma and Burrell are in the same boat in that they are basically special team guys.

Birden graduates, but we’ve got a 4 star (or at least former 4 star…stupid recruiting services) RB coming in from DeSoto.

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That’s amazing what these service do to recruits. IMHO, just to make certain schools look good they’re really invalidating the recruiting. Walker is still shown as 4* on 247.

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If they are Coog locks, they stop evaluating them. This also pushes our classes down annually due to the default rating they give them at the beginning of the recruiting process. They suggest that our guys that we bring in are under the radar. That’s a load of crap; they’re very good players that are on the radar of people who matter most( our coaches)! They always act surprised when teams come to the city and can’t win in the Cage. Our team feeds off of being overlooked.


This is actually something that in an odd way benefits us. Our guys play hungry more that say UT or Aggie. I like that aspect. I want guys who play with savage hunger whether it is for my beloved Coogs or in my amateur baseball league.


^This a million times over!