Reese Mooney, SS, Denham Springs, LA

The number 1 ranked shortstop out of Louisiana, commits to UH baseball. I hope makes it to campus and isn’t drafted away.


This was a pretty big shocker as the #1 recruit in Louisiana usually always commits to LSU. Also surprising since Reese is from just down the road from Baton Rouge.

From all reports, kid will be a stud and will likely be highly sought after throughout his career…and not just for baseball. Reese is also a QB in football and is rated relatively high in that sport as well (not #1 in the state like baseball, but he’s considered a pretty decent recruit).

So, the big question is whether the Coogs will be able to keep him committed, will he be drafted, will he want to play football, and will he be able to play both at UH if he wants to.
I am trying to become a Division 1 Quarterback. My dream is to play college football and baseball!!

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Perhaps he may have abetter chance of playing football here as opposed go LSU.


That model worked out for Kyler Murray.

Am I missing something, or is this kid a high school freshman?
I saw C/O 2023, which is one year older than my 8th grade son, who plays 14UAAA ball. It is crazy to think that these kids that my son plays with might getting recruited starting next year. Crazy.