Refs suck dongs

The last two couple of weeks, the Big 12 refs have killed us. We know about Texas. Last week, the refs overturned a 1st down on our home field with “the football was one lace short of the first down”. What? Today, we either had big plays called back, first downs erased, or calls that gave OSU a first down. I don’t remember a stretch where it was this bad in 20+ years watching the team. All these calls against the home team. I’ll watch away games where the offense will tackle one of our players and it isn’t holding. Crazy!


I thought Brock was very good on color.


They do suck nads but they do it on our behalf sometimes. Calling the guy out of bounds when he wasn’t and stopping the play when that little running back was still moving forward. This could have been a worse beating if not for incompetent refs.


Worse beating? We were in the game in the middle of the 4th quarter down by 7.


We couldn’t stop their running attack the second half. Those both would have been touchdowns probably.

Agree. OSU was holding right in front of the officials on multiple occasions and no calls. The unsportsman like on 4th and 16 was ridiculous and changed the course of the entire game.