Regarding our defense on the perimeter next year

With Sasser, Shead, and Tyson likely to get major minutes next year are we going to have issues not being long enough on the perimeter to have an elite defense or am I off and that does not matter so much?

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tyson will not get major minutes


If Tyson is getting major minutes we will take a big step back


Don’t think it will end up that way and we will have Mark out there. We had Galen and Corey out there for 2 years and still had a pretty sporty defense.

Baylor’s guys are not long and they are elite obviously. Feet quickness and instincts are way more important than length. Of course if could combine it all like Dejon that is great but won’t always have that.


I’m sure the coaches will know more than us who’s getting minutes.


Ya think !

Shead, Mark and Sasser will start before Tyson… Not to mention Armbrester and Walker coming in…


I love Tyson’s 3 point shot but he needs to hit the weights and work on his defense this offseason.

We need someone who can brake you off the dribble and get to the rim and create for others because right now we have possible 3pt shooters and east to west dribbling

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An elite defense got us to the Final Four, but as we have learned we need an elite offense to get to the Final Two and the Championship.

Baylor had both an elite offense and defense. Gonzaga as well, only Baylor’s was better.


I think Shead can fill that role…

the question I have about Tyson is whether he needs a high volume of shots to be effective. in the Tulane and OLLU games, he was 19 for 33 (57.6%) from 3 but the other 17 games he was 16-53 (30.2%). if he needs a high volume to shoot effectively from long range, I see next year being the same as this year for him. we don’t know what the final roster will look like for next season so hard to say who will get the most minutes / shots.

He is kinda a one trick pony, and although when open, he is very good at that one trick, his defense is a liability and that probably isn’t going to work into the CKS game plan.

I would be happy for him to be instant offense off the bench but he has to shoot better than 30% from 3 to be that kind of weapon.

No they don’t Captain Obvious. They wait until we have decided and copy the list from the board. We may not be coaches, but we’ve seen some on TV; what’s there to know?

Well, we need to get to work, then.

Gonzaga’s defense was not elite …

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I mulling over what I think will be the starters; but I have to wait until I know who will be on the team first. Who’s leaving, who’s returning, who’s coming in. But, I can safely say I don’t see Tyson being in that starting lineup; but, you never know, coach may have him on a different level next year.

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But we were told they played good defense. I kept waiting to see it on the court rather than hearing it from Jet, Chuckster, Cereal and Bowtie.

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Zaga played their best defense. You saw what they had.