They estimate the newer relaxed laws have led to about a 20% increase in Marijuana use but that doesn’t include other drugs users might be willing to try since drug use is becoming more socially acceptable

If anything that drug overdose chart seems to inversely follow our nation’s relaxed view on drugs, negatively.

…and while Marijuana isn’t as dangerous as smoking tobacco, it is still more harmful on the body than not smoking at all.

I understand those with some chronic pains turn to it, which is their choice, but there are risks associated with all drug use

Marijuana was more of a gateway drug when it was grouped in with other illegal narcotics. Reason being when you go to buy pot you’d be purchasing from the same guy selling cocaine, heroin, etc. Dealers also used to lace marijuana with other drugs back in the early 2000’s. Legalization has pretty much eliminated the fear of buying laced weed. It’s also removed the temptation to buy other drugs because users are purchasing pot from a legitimate store front the only sells marijuana.

But it also pushed drug use into the socially acceptable mainstream.

With that now the obvious non controversial vice…people are willing to try something a little more controversial.

Its a personality trait issue. Some people just want the next drug to fill the illusion of happiness

Ok Boomer

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People have been experimenting with drugs for millennia. So I’m not sure that drug use is more socially acceptable now than in the past. I think marijuana use specifically is but I think the use of hard drugs is still perceived the same way it was 20-30 years ago. Now interestingly alcohol use among young adults (18-34) has actually decreased over the last two decades. Likely in part due to legalization of marijuana. Perhaps in an ideal society no one would use drugs at all but if they are going to, I’d much rather live with potheads than drunks. Lesser of two evils.


Again…two separate issues.

Some drugs like Marijuana and alcohol can be 100% legal but the decision to put those things in your own body, and in what quantity, solely lies with the individual and THEIR decision.

The individual determines if the risk is worth it.

If you take a drug that has a reputation of overdose, even if it’s your first time, YOU made that decision to take that risk…not a politician, not your parents, not the authorities…YOU


Not a boomer…just watched people do horrible self destructive things to know how most of these stories are going to end.


Well I don’t disagree with the idea that an individual is responsible for what they put in their body. Moderation is key with anything. Whether we’re talking about drinking, smoking, gambling, eating, sex, you name it. Too much of anything can be bad. And some drugs are so powerful that moderation should mean abstinence. With all that said, I promise you marijuana was far more dangerous to people when it was illegal. And the spike we are seeing in drug overdoses (70% of which are linked to opioids) has more to do with the creation of more dangerous drugs than it does shifting mindsets on drug use.

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Made a slight change to this post (added the word corporatized, which I originally meant to use).

Now I’m reading it was cocaine laced with Fentanyl, any truth to this? If so wow really really sad

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Me too. All recreational drugs are bad. There is not a good one. Times I have heard someone say, I wished I would have done more drugs when i was younger = 0.


Nope… Pure sarcasm…

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I find, frequently, that sarcasm is not well understood, spoken or written . . . . . all too often comes across like an airplane joke . . . . .

I love Airplane jokes!


It is possible.

Folks, a man is dead who didn’t have to be. That breaks my heart.


Apparently, you didn’t read the cause of death report which stated he had a illegal substance in his system.

I don;t know Reggie, I don;t know if this was his first time ever participating in illegal drugs or if he was a regular drug user…I don’t know!

What I do know, unless forced to do so by gun point is that a talented young man who had his whole world in front of him CHOOSE to participate in illegal drugs. It was his to put that substance inside his body.

That is what is devastating…why? It makes me incredibly sad when young people take that risk.

That’s is it…
On the cumulative effect (not speaking specifically about Reggie), that 100% is real.

Drugs BEAT THE CRAP out of your body. Cocaine taxes your heart and let’s just say I’ve visited family members int he hospital who have serious heart issues later on in life, accelerated by casual drug use during college.

Also, doing drugs (even illegal marijuana) just increases the demand for that industry.

You want to help the cartels…you want to help the people that allegedly laced the substance for Reggie…do drugs because you are creating the demand for that industry. One that does not care if you are a casualty.

Ok…I’m going to jump off of my “don’t do drugs…they are only self destructive for the user” soap box.

I move to lock this thread as it’s gone from news, tribute and shared grief to ugliness of condemning the dead.

Likely a good idea. Consider it done.