Reginald Johnson WR decommitted?!

Curious what happened. He didn’t really give an explanation.

We did get a new commitment from a JUCO receiver the other day, maybe thats why?

like 20 min ago lol

He is a 3 star receiver with some nice offers…out of New Orleans…

Good bye, good luck; moving on.

Darius Edmonds another 3 star committed to LA tech announced an offer from UH today. Gotta say I like his tape better. Wonder if that’s why Reginald decommitted? May have been a mutual decision. Interesting

Nice find on Darius Edmonds. Just by his Twitter, it looks like we are going to flip him to UH. He’a listed as a TE so this late offer might be the replacement choice for the drama surrounding our Michigan TE transfer.

Mustapha Muhammad already signed with UH. Why would he come as a replacement?

How did he already sign? Somebody in another thread said he visited UNT this past weekend and CDH was not pleased.

No one has signed. All are verbals at this point. There are two signing periods, December and February.

It may have to do with Wren hopefully coming to UH. This kid is a monster with his world class speed.

Not signed yet. Just committed to UH. Earliest he can sign is 12/18. All early signees will be announced then. Spring signees will be early Feb.

If Wren made it known to Reggie that he was coming here I don’t blame him for decommitting. That’s a kid that will be running all year for UH. He’s fast, fast.

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Corey Wren isn’t coming to UH but if he were then it wouldn’t have led to other kid’s decommitment.

What makes you entirely sure? For a minute people were saying Wren was a Georgia lock because he also wanted to run with Boling. Things change. Reggie and Wren are both speed guys. If his role was given by CDH and then another guy that’s definitely faster than him is on the way, then it’s quite possible that didn’t sit well with him.

He also might not like the fact another WR was added to this class, adding to the now logjam of young WRs we will have. Who know’s? I’m not saying any of it is for certain, but there is a possibility. Who honestly knows what Reggie was promised? What is it they say about pressure?

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Wren was actually being recruited as a do it all back that would line up in the backfield for us as well as outside as a receiver. As you said, anything can happen but all signs point to him signing with Arizona State. I am disappointed that Johnson decommitted but I can assure you that he did not do so because of fear of competition or something along those lines. I have no clue why he decommitted but if I had to guess i would say it is from our program losing some appeal over the past half year due to the season we had. Johnson committed to us last summer when we had a lot of hype circling around the new coaching staff and he did so with some very impressive offers.

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Doesnt he have a Kentucky offer? Maybe someone or something came up.

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Kids change their minds. I agree, it could be an optics thing. The positive side is a day one WR isn’t a heavy need, and the decommitment happened early around ESP and not during NSD. This board would melt if the latter happened. lol

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The Michigan TE was officially removed from the commitment list.

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