Regional Projections (5/21)

As of 4/23 has us as a 3 seed in the Lubbock regional with Tech (1) AZ State (2) and New Mexico St (4). Tough regional.

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Baseball America’s projections from this morning:

TCU is not in any projected regional.

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I think they’re a bubble team. Their non-conference schedule was ugly outside of the MM Classic and they haven’t done well in the Big12.

They still have series against Top 25 teams: Baylor, West Virginia and Texas Tech so they can play themselves in.

I think Texas is an interesting case. They are 39th in RPI, but 5-9 in conference and sitting in 8th. I’m not sure they should make the field currently, but they probably will because of who they are.

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If Texas keeps playing like they have they will play themselves out of a spot and have to win there conference tourney to get in. Hope they continue to suck.


Sounds a lot like basketball season :roll_eyes:


And you know it won’t be any of those. Never has been.

#3 seed at Oregon St.

#3 seed at Texas Tech and in the “Last 5 in”

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Need to win every series against these lesser oppnents for us to be safely in…


#3 seed at Texas Tech

Lubbock, TX.

  1. (10) Texas Tech^
  2. Arizona State
  3. Houston
  4. New Mexico State*

#3 seed at Ole Miss

Oxford, MS

  1. (13) Ole Miss
  2. Southern Miss*
  3. Houston
    4.Wright State*

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So… it’s pretty surprising to me that the east coast is such a college baseball wasteland when they LOOOOOOOOVVVEE MLB up here… Sucks for trying to catch live Cougar Baseball!

The problem is the season starts in early-mid February when there’s still snow on the ground. So they don’t get the recruits, and because they only play home games during the second half of the season they don’t invest much into their stadiums. Although I read Syrcuse is hoping to put their baseball team inside the Carrier Dome, so that might be an option, depending where you are.

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I’m in the city… well, at the Lincoln Tunnel in Weehawken.

Interesting, D1Baseball still has us solidly in the tournament even after the 1-3 week last week. Still not listed in the Last 5 in. UCF is their last team in now.

They keep saying that the bubble is really soft this year which basically means that there aren’t a lot of teams jockeying for position which probably helps us. Still, would love to do well this week and make the point moot.

Baseball America’s updated projections from today


They do not have us in the Last 4 in.