Remarkable three game stat!

The first three games our opponents have hit just 6 for 47 from three point range for a whopping 12.8%.


As is holding all 3 below 20 points in the first halves.


God bless good defense.


Have not trailed in any of the first three.

Trailed Boise for 23 seconds

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Also impressed with our FT shooting.


yes, this is a difference maker down the stretch …

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That’s what kept Tech at bay late more than anything. Much improved from a few seasons ago.

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It’s been very refreshing to see a Cougar team shining at the FT line…at least so far this year. They are so important in close games.


Our FT defense has been pretty stout so far as well


Don’t jinx them or you may end up in that Dr. Pepper court.

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Solid FT shooting could swing 2-3 games this year.

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With Solid Free Throw shooting we would already have a title

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And would have beaten Michigan a few years back and had a shot at the final four!


lol…that’s the reason I had a disclaimer. I made no prediction like the guy in the commercial.

After three games, several things jump out at me:

  1. FG shooting is pretty meager at 41% while FT shooting is great at 82%.
  2. Rebounding is awesome at +19 per game and TO Margin is not bad at +3 per game, which combine to lead to 10 more shots per game than foes.
  3. Assists per make are way down this year (35% vs normal Sampson 50-55%). Strange considering all the guards. More one-on-one/isolation this year?

Not sure what the precise definition of assist is for college, but I have seen a lot less catch and shoot this. year. There’s been plenty of distributing, but the recipient usually takes a few dribbles, drives or steps back then shoots. I wonder if the dribbling is killing the assist numbers?

Another crazy cool stat is that we’re +21 in offensive rebounding margin this year. The Tech game was close. We were +2 in that one. But were +9 against Lamar and +10 against a Boise team that had a significant size advantage. That is really impressive!

Interesting to note that since the 2017-18 season, our FG% and 3PT% have essentially dropped or remained steady every year. Our FT% has remained about the same. The dramatic stat weighing in our favor is our defense.

Since the 2017-18 season, the average FG%, 3PT% and FT% of our opponents have all dropped as well. The dramatic drop off is 3PT% allowed, especially this season.

This indicates to me while our offensive production hasn’t changed significantly since the 2017-18 season, the defense has allowed fewer and fewer points every year…

As I’ve stated before, there are two ways to win a game. Either outscore your opponent or give up fewer points. The stats reveal that our defense is the real obstacle for our opponents to overcome, not our offense.

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I think what you said about our defensive trends line up with what CKS emphasizes!I think every in coll bb final four teams are very good defensively!