Remember the 2007 Tulsa Game? History Repeats

At end of 2007 season players knew Briles was out the door, off to Baylor.

The result? Tulsa 51 UH 7.

That is next Saturday. UCF 51 UH 7.

Players know the true State of their Program. And they know Dana’s slim hold on his job.

A collapse is in store for our team next Saturday. History repeats itself.


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that is quite possible, that ucf-ok state game wasnt won just on tunovers, ucf beat them up. if the coogs arent motivated, could be ugly.

Dana Dimel was fired before his last game and he still won it.

That said, Briles was the last coach at UH to win his last game at UH (against TSU). Sumlin, Levine, Herman, and Applewhite all lost their last one.

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I think the others would have won against TSU also…


Probably so. Not sure others would have beaten Louisville like Dimel though.