Reminder: Let's Rage Coogs postgame show is back following tomorrow's UH-UTSA game!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to remind y’all that our postgame show we launched during the March run for the men’s basketball team last season is returning tomorrow roughly 10 minutes after the conclusion of the UH-UTSA game.

If you haven’t checked us out, here is what we did last season:

We will be streaming live on YouTube via the Houston Roundball Review YouTube channel

Big props to our primary sponsor: Five Star Properties. The owner, a UH alum, will be the primary sponsor for the first four football postgame shows. We still have spaces open for secondary and tertiary sponsorship packages or individual live reads, ads, commercial spots and sponsored hotline.

I also wanted to ask what the interest level would be in sharing a link where guests can join the stream and talk about the game. One of the things I want to focus on this season is giving fans a space to talk about the game like you hear with 790 after Rockets and Astros games and 610 with Texans games. Is that something there is interest in?

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  • No

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Also, feel free to share any ideas you would like to see! We will try to include postgame sound bites from Holgorsen and players but that might not be possible bc we won’t be in San Antonio and school is doing in-person availability only tomorrow.