Reminiscing as a younger alum

I feel like reminiscing so ill share a recent story.

I attended UH i think the year before or the year Coach got hired. At this point I had seen some games at the hofheinz and had also graduated High school in that building so i already knew what it looked like and how it use to be. I also had stepped on the court to shoot some shots while no one was looking during some CASA exams and had a couple of physical exams on the concourse.

Every day i saw that GVL building being built and when it was finally done i was amazed how much it made the Street better. One morning i got to see coach 3 times in a day or a week idr. I saw him as my organization was selling food at the UC (student center) and he gave us a donut. Saw him at my Chemistry class in SR and saw him at the Library with the band telling people with his megaphone to attend the game for that week or night.

I caved and went and was hooked. Went to the LSU game with ben simmons and the overrated chants and went to all the other games that season.

The change is from night and day. Not just with the campus because i got to see all the older building and the newer ones but the effort he put and the dues he paid to get us here is remarkable not just with alumni and fans but students also. To think we are in an elite eight for the first time in 37 years and have everything we have because they saw a vision and executed that vision for this program.

You can see it at the Fertitta because of how amazing it is in there.

I feel like i attended and graduated at the perfect time to see the difference. Very thankful to coach for his effort and all the players that believed enough to sign and stay and play these past 7 years.


As an older than usual student in the early 2000s I was living on campus during the Ray Mc era. I have been a lifelong Cougar fan and it was a thrill to get to be on campus a few years. Saying that, there are games I didn’t go to just down the street because the team was so bad and atmosphere so stale.
Since the FC opened I have missed one game due to BD plans my fiancé made.
I cannot express how much it means to get to love Cougar basketball again.
I spent many years defending what we were capable of as a program and fan base.

Thank you to the Sampson family and all staff and players who have accepted a winning culture.


My years at UH began with Clyde Drexler (1998) and ended with Ray McCallum (2002). Since I was only 3 years old the last time UH basketball was in the Final Four, needless to say, this era of basketball feels like a dream. I’m trying to enjoy this ride for everything it is.


Another McCallum era student checking in. This is basically all the stories I heard at orientation camp about what UH basketball used to be, Big E and the UCLA game and Phi Slama Jama and all the Rockets we’ve produced throughout the years, about how deep down it’s what we are, and it’s come to life.

It’s like the Tom Herman era opened the eyes of the sleeping giant, but now the Kelvin Sampson era has restored its beating heart.


I was lucky to be there during the PSJ days from '81-'85. I lived in the Towers and would see Clyde, Akeem, Micheaux, Young and other players in the dorms and on-campus frequently. I even got to play in a very intimidating pick-up game with Clyde and Akeem one day. I didn’t miss a home game during that time and joined other diehard students who would walk form the dorms over to Hofheinz. What great memories! Then the long drought and it is so great to be back at this level! Thanks for all the players, coaches, administrators and alums who never gave up and continued fighting to elevate our program!

Go Coogs!


waiting in line around hoffienz, camping out for student tickets.
the who’s he chant that filled the arena during player intros
I ate lunch with akeem one day and talked about an upcoming sociology exam…we had the same prof, he saw me with the study guide…I was very surprised when he sat down next to me …he filled the entire end of the table.

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same here! i saw coach telling ppl to the game in the UC. those were the dark times of our program. you could get your student ticket at the game, but now student tickets sold out in the first few mins.


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