Rep throws flower pots at staff
“You’re a daisy if you do”

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We are so proud of you! Posting links no one cares about!

What a big boy!

Banana pudding tonight for the big boy!

Hold my beer funk

Peppercorn loves him some racial stuff.

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Weird post for sure. Not sure why he thought it related to the OP.

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Because he’s the same jag**f that’s been around forever. At least he doesn’t pretend.

Same as it ever was…

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Why do you hate mascots? I’m TotallyNotFS.

Who are you?

Funny, says he’s not peppercorn and then uses one of peppercorns favorite insults.

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Triggered by local news story?

These queens that only post on the politics board are soft.

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It’s pretty clearly Coogs2U. Beyond the trolling, the consistent unnecessary ellipsis use is a dead giveaway.

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I really just wanted to use that 1860’s gunfighter line and that was the first news story that gave me the opportunity.


Yea that line made me laugh. That was the most interesting part of the post.


So not funny.

Have fun on the gentle forums.

Still not funny. I know, you try…

I can’t continue to be your daddy online. I usually start charging for this after two or three visits. If you want need that level of intervention tell your mom to PM me.

So lame. I can see the effort. You try to be funny…

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I’m not being funny. You’re emasculated and you’re lashing out at society. I’m trying to help you. But I don’t come cheap. For all intents and purposes I am your father.

Not into your kinks, dude. Keep it in your pants.

You could never best me. Never.

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