Republican Party Leader?

I’m a big fan of Amy Klobuchar. She’s always working to get things done.


There is no leader of the republican party, in fact the republican party might not actually exist.

Trump tapped into a vein of people and has built a confederation of sorts. He has tapped into non college educated people, older people who can no longer think critically and then the people who are just awful.

He has built a confederation of non thinking people. He calls them republicans for fund raising purposes and because changing the name would wig out the older people. Trump is half part simple messaging and half part awful and its working.

It might be working but they aren’t republicans.

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That dude’s an anti-vaxxer WACKO.

Scary as Trump though in different ways.

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I don’t.

I dislike race faking posers.

Those people without degrees make up 75% of the population. They may have different concerns about how the economy works (management vs labor, even if they don’t really think about it that way), but so does that person with an MA in Art History working as a barista.

Most degreed people don’t spend all their TV time with Masterpiece Theater. In fact, our culture is fairly homogenous from sea-to-shining-sea and it cuts across all socioeconomic groups, pretty much, with some regional or rural/urban differences, some as trivial as the West and Northeast not watching college football.

MAGA adherents probably feel culturally dislocated compared to many of us. The rate of change has accelerated. Those are the folks who embrace anyone promising a return to more predictable times (though the times are never predictable) which is why the hot-button culture war issues resonate whether the economy is good or bad.

Trump owns those voters.


People vote for their own self interests

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Maybe we could just do what the Democrats did when Bernie ran against Hillary and fix it for Nurse Wretched. We could get the blueprints for the plan from Debbie Wasserman Schulz.