Republicans Finally Admit They Have No Incriminating Evidence on Joe Biden


But, but, but he fell off the bicycle.

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LOL…but present zero evidence of any crimes by Joe.



Trump was impeached twice by democrats and didn’t commit any crimes either… At least not that he has been convicted of…

These partisan attacks on the other party’s leaders is ridiculous…

I’m so jaded by it I can’t stand it.


They were right to impeach him the 2nd time for sure. I’m not sure I feel the same way about the 1st impeachment.

LOL @ busseeeyyy trying to come up with something clever.

Also dedicated to “Low Info IQ”.

Yeah, it’s a partisan attack when the President orchestrates an attempted violent overthrow of the government when all the other attempts, some still in question as to their criminality, failed.

False equivalency. Big surprise.

By the way, from Mueller:

“If we had confidence that the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so,” Mueller said." This knowing that a sitting president could not be prosecuted.

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Biden and his family sold influence to foreign nationals and made millions.

That is sickening and despicable.

We need a big broom to sweep Washington clean. The graft and corruption is at dizzying heights.

Washington isn’t the solution it is the problem.


Agree, seems clear to me too.

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And he also didn’t charge him with any crime…

What the hell does Jan. 6 have to do with his impeachments…

Stay on topic ADHD.

Duh. That’s why I made the statement as to the lack of/reluctance to pursuing charges, and if you are unaware of the basis for the second impeachment then you are indeed the posterboy for ADHD.

What’s that whistleblowers name again…?

Trump’s 2nd impeachment was because of his actions and inaction on January 6.


Oh right… Because they couldn’t impeach him from any “Russian collusion”…

2nd one might have been justified… Just like one on Biden is probably justified here…

The 2nd impeachment has nothing to do with “Russian collusion”, nor did the 1st. If you think an impeachment is justified here, write your Representatives and they can make the case and file articles of impeachment.

I’m going to assume the reason that no articles of impeachment have been voted on in regards to Biden is that the House Republican leadership doesn’t see a strong enough case yet.

Like I said… They couldn’t impeach him on “Russian Collusion” so they found a whistleblower…

Maybe that wasn’t clear… The bs investigation didn’t yield an impeachable offense…

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What would you impeach biden on right now?

And why would that be different than trump taking money from China?

That’s nothing more than an opinion.