Returning Production

Good indicator for who might be successful and who might fall off. Not set in stone, but usually those with more production coming back do well.

Coogs face #11 on this list

Coogs face #2 on this list

Coogs face #4, #6, and #17 (while also appearing on the list at #11)

Coogs face #8, #10, and possibly #13

UCF is the only team that will be better than us offensively next year of the teams listed. We have a change in scheme and great new coaches coming in on that side of the ball, and thats where the difference will be.

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OU, Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State…If you are playing juniors and seniors, shich is what you want, you won’t make the list.

Since our passing yards were split 3 ways, of course our QB % of production returning is low. Look at the last half of the season only and it likely shoots way up


Right. This team is very similar to the 2015 team in a lot of ways.

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