Rice will have an inflatable IPF

What in the camping trip on campus is going on here? :joy:

Well I guess Rice has to start somewhere to try and be competitive for recruits.

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The Texans have something like this. No real reason to clown Rice.


Yes but the Texans should have a facility similar to the Cowboys in Frisco. NFL teams should not have bubble practice facilities anymore. Even some high schools have permanent indoor practice facilities.

Bubble practice facilities are starter kits.

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I’m more surprised Rice is still throwing money at their football program.



Yes, it is ok to clown Rice. We shouldn’t feel sorry for them one bit. They’re far from homeless!

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I don’t feel sorry for Rice. Their athletic mission is just a lot different than ours. I was saying they are going to have the capability to practice out of the heat with the same type of facility the NFL team here has (and what they actually use when they have to practice indoors like we used to). That seems like a responsible fiscal decision relative to the revenue their programs generate vs. dumping a bunch of money into a first class IPF. That’s more what I meant by saying I don’t see the point in clowning them over this.

I guess if you really wanted to clown them, the fact that they will be sharing the facility with a local middle school might be an even better way to do so vs. the type of facility they are going to use.

When did Rice get a river on campus?!


I understand what you’re saying. I just think it would better serve them by fully committing to an upward trajectory(they will have to eventually). This bounce house is a microcosm of their entire existence as a football program; why half step? Either commit or don’t do it at all.

Rice practices ?


Can we still call Tri-Lambs “nerds”? I grew up in a simpler time where mocking others could be done for fun and am not sure if I can say this is probably not the only inflatable on the Rice Campus.


I’m a Houston Cougar, it’s my God given right and duty to clown Rice!


Yes they are sharing it with middle schools and charging them to use it.

My thought was What city are the building this in?


Maybe an alum donated/off-loaded a big chunk of land by the ship channel, that’s what it looks like to me. Definitely wider than Braes Bayou, which would be the nearest water feature to their campus

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Complete with cardboard cutout human figures serving as fans in attendance.

Maybe both of their fans will be there.

I’m with you Dave and making fun of another team is OK with me. Probably not PC on this board but that could be another Fox News sponsored comment.

Is the story real or a gag?

I don’t think they will eventually have to do that though. How many teams in CUSA have a nice IPF? I believe UNT has plans for one. I’m not sure of anyone else (though maybe some do, I don’t really know). I don’t think there’s really an arms race Rice needs to keep up with in their station of college athletics. This inflatable facility seems to be more about legitimate safety concerns and functionality rather than something to impress recruits. I’m not sure any recruits who would go to Rice anyways are going to be swayed by an IPF.

Yeah I mean whatever, clown Rice all you want (though I think there is definitely overlap between some posters who do so and who also get annoyed at the instate P5 programs who look down their nose at us). But I think doing things like this make more sense for them than trying to keep up with the facilities arms race at the top.