Rickie Winslow Tweet


Love the sentiment. Didn’t work that way for his own son, Justice, tho…


I think today we would be in on his son.


Right. The program is in drastically different shape now (and also was when Rickie committed) than when Justise committed to Duke. I’m guessing we would have had a really good shot at Justise if he was a current recruit.


I remember Rickie being highly recruited, but I never heard of him being the No. 2 rated recruit. He was a high school All-America and had a decent career at UH. He was not a very good shooter but man could he sky around the rim…

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Yeah, he was very highly rated. #1 player in Texas and Parade All America 2nd team as a junior, 1st team as a senior.


Justice, unfortunately, played at Duke in CKS’s 1st year at UH. He had already committed to Duke before CKS was even hired if I remember right and there’s no chance he would have played for Dickey at that point in time with everything else swirling around the program.