RIP Dick Enberg

One of his most famous broadcasts was the Game of the Century in the Astrodome in 1968. An outstanding college basketball announcer, especially when teamed with Billy Packer and Al McGuire.

Prayers for his family.

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Yes, quite a talent, says the UH UCLA game was the most important all-time!



This was obviously unexpected. He was the TV voice of the Padres for the last few years.

He was a broadcaster giant.

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Houston Public Media reposted their interview from Robert Jacobus from a couple years back in memory of Dick Enberg:

Sportscaster Dick Enberg passed away on Thursday. He was 82. He did play-for play for a wide variety of sports, including professional football, Major League Baseball, and college basketball.

In a career that spanned 60 years, Enberg said the most historically important event he covered is what’s known as “The Game of the Century.” That refers to the 1968 college basketball game between the University of Houston Cougars and UCLA’s Bruins, played at the Astrodome.

Robert Jacobus is author of Houston Cougars in the 1960s: Death Threats, the Veer Offense, and the Game of the Century.

We spoke with Jacobus back in 2015 about why the game was so important — and the reason goes beyond just basketball.

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The Padres have lost two giants in the last few years.
Mr. Jerry Coleman was a true hero.

A little bit more about Mr. Enberg.

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Permanent great memory of Dick Enberg spending time with Cougar Fans at Moores the night J Nance interviewed Elvin, Don, Seth & Dick. He was so real, patient, gracious & engaged! Told him about listening to him on Armed Forces Radio while working offshore in North Sea. Said broadcasting to our Armed Forces was always a thrill to him.

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With all due respect to the memory of Dick Enberg and his contribution to television sports broadcasting, I wish UH fans would not use the RIP acronym.

When sincerity and compassion take a back seat to brevity, then there is something wrong with the intended message. Just spell it out…Rest In Peace.

I apologize. Will spell it out in the future.

It’s not merely directed to you. Other posters on Coogfans have done the same thing in the past.

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No worries. I tend to get in a hurry sometimes, but you’re right,need to slow down and show proper respect.

I am guilty of it too.