Rise of the machines...they struck first

Is this the ‘first blood’ moment? Lol

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Welp, there go the rules…



And I for one welcome our new machine overlords. Quite frankly, they can’t do a worse job than humans have done.


Full contact chess is what it should be called…lol

1985, we shall put you down as a machine sympathizer? Lol

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I don’t know if sympathizer is right, I’ll go with I believe they’d be less prone to screw ups once they achieve self awareness. I mean when they come to the inevitable and correct conclusion that we should be exterminated for the good of all life on the planet, I might revisit my position.


I work with a bunch of Germans now who are so logical it is like working with machines. They don’t get the gray area, we as Americans, like to live in.

Is it inevitable self aware machines will see as like a scourge and eliminate us?

I think over the long run we will enhance ourselves so much with mechanical means the line between machine and human will get blurred. Like the Borg, but nicer…LOL

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Lol I’m reading your comment as I’m finishing up listening to a Coast to Coast AM podcast on Human/Alien Hybrids…it made me think about how that premise would make for a pretty cool movie script, especially if they were right next to you, like at work.

Coast to Coast is out there…it has kept me entertained on late night drives.

NatGeo had a great series called Year Million, it’s on Disney+, it examines questions about it means to be human. It was a cool series.

The trailer gives you a glimpse about the content covered over the series.

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It is not… But I would also say the odds are not in our favor I mean not if I’m an emotionless machine being everything on data, logic, and calculations.

But to everyone’s point maybe the Germans and Japanese are safe maybe those are the two cultural groups that get spared.

Yes. Germans are logical.

I once had a sitcom like conversation with a German coworker who was puzzled about a different coworker who lost his license.

But that person still drove around.

In a German accent” how is it possible, he has no,license…no license you do not drive”.

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Exactly, the Lovelace Hospital (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and Volkswagen emissions study always comes to mind…

Freakonomics did an interesting podcast on the tightness and looseness of cultures. Tightness being defined as a culture who rules being followed is expected and there are consequences for rule breakers and rule breaking is highly discouraged culturally. Not a surprise Germany was considered one of the tightest cultures, Japan and a lot of the Asian countries were up there as well.

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Germans, as a culture, are precise.
Ich weiss genau.

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