RJK Jr. on Immigration

Personally, I think that this guy is an anti-vaxxer wacko.

But here’s his take on immigration.



Why don’t you go to the border and help out? Hand out some food. You won’t cause you’re all talk. Just more proof dems are trying to turn TX into Cali.

What is an anti-vaxxer? Please define.

RFK Jr is one of these fools who claims that vaccines against measles, mumps, polio, etc cause autism.

Those diseases had been almost eradicated in the USA until people like him came along and started spewing that lie. There is, for the record, NO scientific evidence to support that belief, and all the evidence is against it.

Yet because a lot of ignorant morons out there believe people like RFK Jr, they refuse to vaccinate their kids, and, as a result, those diseases have made a comeback and are even claiming the lives of kids that otherwise wouldn’t have died.



Definitely an anti-vaxxer wacko of the rankest kind.


Lol, you’re trying too hard.

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