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So, we’re all going to have to buy electric cars? Yikes.

Not in my lifetime.

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This s typical of what Sacramento or California elected officials do. They put in service buses and other means of transportation without proper testing. Who pays for it? You know the answer.
Do you remember a few years back when NYC was replacing their electric/hybrid cabs with newer ones? Tens of thousands of these same cabs are rusting in a giant yard that nobody can have access to. How much is an electric car even a used one?

It predicts that in 2030 20% of all cars sold will be electric and by 2035 all gas powered cars will be banned in California. Do they expect people in Cal to just throw away a car 5 years old or less? Also, I guess Cal doesn’t want any tourists driving in from out of state. These folks are unrealistic.

Mike, it’s a transition or a goal, if you will. Nothing is set in stone.

I think the following is a noble goal but is it doable here? Where there’s a will there’s a way, say. Lots of countries are getting very aggressive than this and they intend to succeed come hell or high water. Another thing about EVs is that maintenance is a lot lower than ICEs.

They are not going to ban private use of gas vehicles. They will just ban the sale of new model gas powered vehicles within the state by dealers. They will probably put in a 10-20 year sunset on the sale of used gas powered vehicles to facilitate fleet transition. It’ll just be like their current gas mileage standards. Pretty standard technology phaseout.


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