Road Trips

My family plans to attend the Baylor Game this fall, should we buy through the ticket office or off the secondary market. Ticket through UH are $100 and upper deck with the deadline being May 30th. What are your thought?

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Did you look at tickets prices for other sections direct from Baylor?

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I’m planning to go to that game too. Not paying 100/ea though lol that’s insane, especially for Baylor. Seeing some on StubHub starting at 67. Don’t think Baylor is selling individual tickets yet.

I’ma go to that game as well. I do not want to pay 100 for that game each but I also don’t want UH second deck allotment.

Both my kids and son-in-law are BU grads, so BU game each year. I guess a BU hat and UH Alumni shirt? BU T and UH hat? I sent a lot of money to that place!


Going to wait before the game and get them off the re-sellers. I have never been happy when buying away game tickets through U of H.

I know it shows support for Houston but every time I buy tickets from UH for away games they are horrible. I usually end up going for secondary market tickets for better seats.

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Planning to go to that game. But no $100; that’s stupid. Will wait for secondary market.

God bless your kids and your money to Baylor.

Money is one thing, the top of your head is certainly more important. I would never wear their hat. If you want to support your alum kids, I am sure you can find Baylor socks, to show solidarity.



I’m also going to the Baylor game.

We can only get the tickets that the other school has allotted for us. We will be giving the visiting team crappy seats here too. It works both ways.

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It’s that way for all visiting schools at other stadiums, end zone corners lol, it’s not a U of H thing

There is no reason to purchase away game tickets through our ticket office because (1) unlike bowl games U of H is not obligated for the tickets / no revenue for U of H, (2) seat location is pretty crappy, and (3) purchase from opponent’s ticket office to get a better seat location. Purchasing from opponents’ ticket office will place you in with their fans, so beware. Not like sitting with Rice fans.


I love to sit with opposing fans.

Yes I am aware that is the case and why I buy secondary market tickets.

As the BU game gets closer, let’s start a thread on where we are sitting so others can buy in proximity!


My road game is K-State. I’m making a long weekend of it. A big time seeing the sights in Manhattan, Ogden, Junction City, and Milford.


My road trips are to….Houston!


That’s the one reason to purchase through UH and I am not a big fan of sitting next to opposing fans.


Sometimes it is cheaper and you get better selections if you go through the other schools’ website.

I did it for Rice, Tulane, UTSA, UNT, Navy, Cincinnati, Memphis, etc.