Rob Gray - NBA Workouts

So since I follow pre-draft workouts and guys off the radar trying to get drafted or a summer league spot, decided to make a thread about Rob’s journey as I am sure he will get many pre-draft workouts. Today was his first with the Lakers.

Great pic from Rob on his instagram:



OKC and Orlando will be up next for him.

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Hopefully get some more info on it soon, yesterday was with Orlando.

Rob was saying all the right things; I hope he makes it.

He should get a summer league invite if nothing else. Might get a 2-way contract with someone.

he wont get drafted, but i think he will end up in the g-league minimum…and if he can put numbers in the g-league he will certainly be invited up…
fred vanvleet for wichita took a similar route to the nba, now he gets quality minutes for the raptors

he will get his chance, it wont be the easy road, but he will get his opportunity to prove he belongs

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I know he did OKC a couple days ago too, but they like to keep things quiet so haven’t seen anything on it.

Gray will end up getting summer league invites before the draft is over (teams usually tell guys if we don’t draft you, we want you on summer league). From there it is up to him and his agent. He should get a training camp invite, but would be a long shot to make it. Teams would mainly look at inviting him to camp to get his rights for the G-League. Not to be negative, but at the end of the day I see his game as a better fit in Europe in countries like Israel, Turkey, Greece, or even Germany. He will get his shot to prove he is an NBA player though.

With Steph Curry’s success as of late, I think he has more a chance than you guys think. He is going to have to work hard through.

What is the connection?

i think his connection is high scoring short guards…even though they have completely different style of play

I didn’t watch the entire NBA season but their games looked similar to me jump shooters who can drive to the basket when necessary. Of course Gray isn’t as skilled as Curry but let’s face it who is? Cue pesik with long diatribe on difference between their games …:blush:

okay i was trying to justify your point, forthwoth was insinuating he didnt see the connection…i was pointing out there are a few
and “diatribe”? okay…
but for the record, curry is finesse sharp shooter who avoids contact…gray is a physical driver who seeks contact, with streaky shooting habits

i hope that was forceful and bitter enough for my diatribe, :unamused:

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I don’t think there should be any comparison between those two… Curry was the best ball handler and best shooter in the NBA draft in 2009 and is currently considered by a lot of people as the greatest shooter in NBA history. The only comparisons to when Curry came out are negatives, short guard who is not a pure point and doesn’t have elite athleticism.

What Gray has going for him is his physical and mental toughness. He is going to need that to catch on somewhere. Since he is already 24 a lot of teams wont see him as a guy to develop, he will need to prove he can be useful as the 12th/13th/14th player on an NBA team.


Believe there was a Sacramento workout too. All they have is info on the Bagley workout though.

For whatever it’s worth, has Gray as the #64 player. There are really no good in depth draft sites anymore since ESPN bought Draftexpress. Big Board: Top 100 -